Our retail products are carefully selected for their optimum results.  We are stockists of Dermalogica, Lamelle, QMS Medicosmetics, Vitaderm, bt-Cocktail, Heliocare and RVB Color Therapy Professional Make-up.

QMS Medicosmetics is a complete system of rejuvenating skincare that combines revolutionary techniques with the highest quality ingredients.


The QMS selective collection was created with "the way we live" at its heart.  Each formulation combines the doctor know-how with ease of use, offering intelligent skincare that works for men and women of all ages.


Scientific logic not miracles is the foundation of great skincare and QMS Medicosmetics demonstrates skilfully this ethos.

Dermalogica is a range of products specifically created to improve the overall health of your skin and not just focus on the beauty aspect.

Dermalogica’s unique face mapping skin analysis performed only by Dermalogica-trained therapists positions the salon to recommend the perfect products and treatments that enables your skin to reach an optimal level of health.

Dermaroller resurfacing technology is a micro needling device that helps restore collagen and thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks, acne scarring, wrinkles and uneven skin.

This resurfacing treatment has no side effects and is a natural way to help the body restore any collagen lost over time.

The Lamelle skincare range is designed with a special interest in cosmetic dermatology that includes products to assist in skin remodelling, combating hyper pigmentation, treat acne, reduce acne scars and fight aging effects caused by sun damage.

OVELLE taken as a daily supplement significantly reduces the processes that induce premature ageing of the skin.  OVELLE increases the skin's resistance to the effects of harmful UV radiation by over 80% and reduces hormonal pigmentation by 37%.

OVELLE will preserve the skin's collagen, improve smoothness and elasticity, minimize free radical damage, reduce the intensity of hormonal induced pigmentation, restore the skin's natural defence mechanism and reduce the signs of ageing on the skin.

Vitaderm is a results-orientated product that addresses specific skin conditions to ensure a radiant complexion.

This product specializes in allergy and acne prone skin conditions. It also focuses on anti-ageing and pigmentation solutions.

Heliocare Professional Sun Protection Range is simply one of the best sun protection ranges to use.

It offers a range of products to give you the maximum protection to your skins needs.  From oil free SPF50 gel to a fabulous water block and SPF50 tinted gel and compact foundation.

RVB Color Therapy Professional Make-up products are Italian manufactured and designed to enhance in an extensive range of colour choices.

Zehra is an unique collagen oral supplement that helps you to maintain a genuinely youthful skin. Zehra's natural Peptan™ Collagen comes in a convenient powder form enhanced with vital antioxidants, Co-EnzyneQ10 and Vitamin C, and it is perfectly free of preservatives and colourants.

Fibrous collagen provides your skin's strength and support, and production of the essential skin-support fibres does slow with ageing. Research shows that a 10g daily supplement of Zehra Peptan™

  • effectively stimulates collagen production
  • improves skin hydration
  • re-densifies the dermis

Wesson Therapeutics’ products are produced from 100% organic materials sourced from premium quality ingredients with a high therapeutic index, to ensure optimal results. Previously supplied solely to plastic surgeons, the brand is now commercially available at Utopia Health and Skincare.

This product range is especially well suited to the treatment of various skin afflictions and conditions. It is known to dramatically reduce the appearance of a wide range of scars.

Wesson Therapeutics is suited to treat burns, grazes and other wounds, as well as radiation burns or bedsores.

Little Eskimo is an innovative skincare product, which uses cold therapy to curb skin inflammation, leaving skin fresh and re-energised. What makes cold therapy convenient, is that it can be applied at home. In combination with other skin treatments, Little Eskimo will speed up the healing process of any skin ailment.

Little Eskimo offers face masks and eye masks, which has no usage limit. To apply the treatment, let your Little Eskimo chill in the fridge, before applying it to the face or eyes.

SoyLites are more than candles, it’s a full body experience! These soy candles are 100% sustainably-produced and GMO-free for enjoyment on many levels. Each candle is fragranced with aromatherapy oils and as the candles burn at a low temperature, the melted oil can be used to moisturise and relax the body.

We have a range of candles available, each one expertly fragranced with blended aromatherapy oils for a unique sensory experience.

Dermapen is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment and the best Collagen Production treatment. This device offers the ultimate in advanced microneedling and its automatic, high speed vibrating function increases its effectiveness by rapidly creating multiple insertions in the skin, thereby reducing pain and discomfort for the patient while also causing less epidermal damage. Dermapen can treat acne,  scarring, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and more.

To find out more about this treatment, you are welcome to contact our team.


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